Summer 2020

EDU 603: Intro to Qualitative Research

Grade A

Course Summary:

As a synchronous virtual course, EDU 603 was designed and implemented aimed to give students direct experience in the practice of qualitative research. The practical qualitative research experience included developing qualitative research questions, crafting a research design, establishing a conceptual framework to support the research problem, and engaging in data collection and analysis techniques. In this course, students also developed the critical skills to critique qualitative research works based on the course content. These were all demonstrated through class lectures, break-out rooms conversations, team-work, students’ presentations, and a final individual led project.

Personal Reflections:

I initially resented taking this course as my first qualitative course because I felt cheated taking it during the summer under a condensed instructional time. The syllabus did not seem realistic to achieve within the available six weeks of instructional time. Do not get me wrong; I have taken summer courses and even a winter-lude course with similarly condensed instructional time. Nevertheless, this course was different. It was different because unlike other courses that had a balance between content delivery through instructors’ classroom content presentation and assignments or class projects, this course had no or limited instructors’ classroom content presentation and focus on assignments and the final project. Assignments meant to take up non-instructional time happened to swallow the instructional time through presentation and revision.

Obviously, the course’s resentment at first and my later experiences do not negate the fact that the course had outstanding qualitative research takeaways. Takeaways about a researcher subjectivity in limiting the research bias but also providing a research background that shape data analysis were highlighted during the course. Also, data collection methods like observation and interview, fieldnotes, and memos writing were crucial takeaways. They were core in developing my final project and quite a takeaway to remember going forward in developing qualitative research.

My initial resentment of the course did not seem to matter for the most part at the end because the takeaways are cardinal pieces to develop as a full researcher. More besides, at best, it was an introductory course.

Development in IDD&E:

This course was also a great piece of IDDE development for me in some way. The practical approach of qualitative research prompt my understanding of the humanistic factors that influence instructional design products’ implementation. Researcher subjectivity/positionality, and relationship were humanistic factors that emerge for implementing an instructional intervention.

Thus, my final project in the course sort to investigate K-12 teachers’ self-creation of multimedia content for Learning Management Systems during a transitioning from face to face to Online instruction. The focus then was to examine how teachers who are novices to online instruction self- create multimedia content and how that creation of those multimedia without training or principles influence their perspectives about transitioning from face to face instruction to online instruction.

Again, I found myself expanding my research interest “multimedia learning,” and this time, it was the creation and perception to use multimedia for instruction. Since this course was practical in a sense, real data was collected and analyzed and interpreted.  Briefly, the final project I did had one subject, and findings suggested that multimedia was effective in content delivery for the most part with little limitation due to content variations. Findings also show that the subject preference face-to-face instruction though they recognized online instruction to be effective. According to the subject, face-to-face instruction enables direct connection and engagement with students, which the subject considered essential for students’ growth academically and emotionally.


GWhorway_ Proposal Paper with feedback, GWhorway_Observation Fieldnotes Assignment Description (1)Observation fieldnotes feedbackGWhorway Final Research Proposal Reviewed,   Class-Presentation for Feedback