Residency Summary

Residency summary from 2019 to 2020.

Research and Research Assistantship

These activities are demonstrations of my participation in developing my research skills and knowledge. They are tasks that I was required to participate or asked to participate, which I gladly accepted to enhance my research/professional skills

Created a database via excel for SOE faculty grants and/or sponsor projects (June,2019). This was a summer task/jobs assigned from the SOE Dean’s office. This was a research assistantship task, which I did individually creating an excel spreadsheet and ordering imputing faculty grants. The grant data was inputted in a yearly order.

Working with Yuri Pavlov to develop an Observation checklist based on “Interaction” as a construct from three learning dimensions, Learners-content, Learners-Instructor, and Learners-Learners (Ongoing). This ongoing project is a Research in Designing Learning Resources (RIDLR) project under the supervision of Dr. Tiffany A. Koszalka. My focus on this project is on the Learners-content learning dimension. Ideally, the checklist will be used as an observational instrument to compare the parallelism of face-to-face and online learning environments.

Literature review to support the pedagogy performance gap with physical education (Spring,2020). This individual led graduate Assistantship task was supervised by Dr. Michael Torak. It entailed an extensive literature review of physical education journals and articles to identify the trend in literature related to technology use to enhance pedagogy in higher education physical education programs.

Worked as a Graduate Assistant with the Fulbright DAI fellow program (Fall,2019/Spring,2020). Assisting with the mentorship of the DAI fellows and organizing an international student festival (2020). My role in actuality is base on the Principal investigator descriptions. Yet, this assignment or experience is essential in developing my understanding of the implementation of grants/funded projects, which will definitely be a part of my professional life. 

Developed the pre-work survey and evaluation forms as a team member charged to design the 2020 Orientation Program for the IDD&E (Summer,2020). This project purposed to allow students to participate in the orientation activities synchronous or asynchronous as they want. My role is to create these evaluation instruments for gathering students’ feedback on the orientation activities and experiences.


These activities demonstrate my participation in developing my professional life through research and presenting my research ideas to a professional audience. All of my attendance was self-led with support from my peers and faculty.  

Attending and presenting at the AECT 2019 conference in Las Vegas (October,2019). This was my first AECT conference, and it was under the theme, “Inspired Professional Learning. Inspired Learning Professionals”. During the conference, I did a concurrent presentation on day 5, October 2019, referenced:(Whorway, G., 2019. INTL: Case Studies On The Role Of ICT Development And Implementation In Education). The presentation focused on (a) the global efforts of ICT in Education impact in Africa (b) the role of ICT in education policies (c) integrating ICTs in Education in Liberia, Challenges, and prospects. Attached is the Presentation slides. 

Attended and served as a panelist in a Symposium for titled: War, terror, and genocide: A symposium on contemporary practices of violence (April 19, 2019). This symposium held in April 2019 at Syracuse University, SIMS hall was in honor of the Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month. My role was to share my lived experience of war and terror and perspectives on contemporary violence practices. Though this experience may appear off the instructional design conference agenda, and of course, this symposium was organized under the African American Studies department; my invitation was based on me living and growing up in an environment that was ravaged by war and terror. 

Attended and presented at the 51st Annual Liberian Studies Association Conference, Concordia University, Chicago, Illinois (April, 2019). This was my first LSA conference held under the theme: Beyond Transition: Sustainable Development Challenges for Liberia’s New Administration. My presentation at this conference focus was title/referenced: 2019 Whorway, G. April 2019. ICT in Education for underdeveloped countries: A case study on Liberia. The presentation covers the definition and importance of ICT in education, Challenges for ICT in education in Liberia, and Prospect for implementing ICT in Education in Liberia. Attached is the Presentation slides:

Volunteering/Community Engagement

These activities demonstrate my participation in developing my relationship with the university community. A relationship which is essentail to grow in a community whose support you need to flourish as a researcher and teacher

Founded and served as the African Graduate Network’s interim president, a registered graduate students’ organization (Fall,2019-Spring,2020). Realizing the need to have a community of international Graduate students from Africa, this vision was shared with a few African students who campaigned and registered the organization with me. I was then asked to serve as the interim president leading to the launch of the organization and election. I held that position and responsibility and thereby executed as mandated by my comrades.

Run and piloting a podcast title “Gladden” via all podcast platforms and live via Facebook and Youtube (Ongoing). This idea was inspired by my passion for using multimedia for instruction and enhancing learning and performance. With a growing community for podcasting, I thought a platform aimed to share the professional educational experience of people from around the world to motivate and inspire educational professionals would be ideal for investigating multimedia for positive change.

Served as a Peer Mentor for 2019 spring and fall semesters, and 2020 fall semester for incoming students to the School of Education. This program helps international students prepare and settle into Syracuse by matching incoming international students with current graduate students. Like all peer mentors, my role is to assist incoming international students with questions about issues such as living in this area, campus resources, and pursuing studies at the School of Education. I am expected to share my experiences and give some advice from the perspective of someone who has been in the shoes of the incoming international student. 

Welcomed and Checked-in international students at Slutzer Center for International Services, August 2019. This call for volunteering was sent out to all Mixed-it-up facilitators by the Slutzer Center for International Services, now Center for International Services. Mixed-it-up is a dinner hosted at the beginning of each semester for five weeks bringing international students together for acquaintances and conversations. The role of a facilitator is to coordinator predetermined discussion topics and questions. As mentioned, my role was to coordinate those topics and questions by reading it to the round table discussants while making sure that all voices are heard equally and respectfully on issues discussed. 

Co-editor to the IDDE Newsletter, Volume 11, Issue 1, 2019. This role which, when advertised by the IDDE department, I submit to volunteer as an opportunity to learn about news writing, organization, and publishing. More besides, it was one of the first volunteer opportunity that was available for me to give back to a department that has given so much, and I love it so much. 


These were funding opportunities that I applied for and was fortunate to receive. They were great financial resources that made my conference attendance and presentation a reality.  

2019 Graduate Student Travel Award – This fixed financial grant award is granted to students to cover academic conference expenses. The key to qualifying is that the applicant must be presenting a work(s) at the conference. With my attendance at two conferences and, more importantly, presenting (as stated under the Conferences/Presentations section), I did qualify separately for two awards. Those awards were graciously timely in helping me financially with conference fees and expenses.

2019 GSO Conference travel grant – Like the Graduate Student Travel Award, the GSO conference travel grant follows a similar requirement. I did qualify separately for two awards based on the same attendant and presentations.

Professional Goals & Desire Jobs