Program Overview

Instructional Designer, Developer, Evaluator

If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” 

(Ellen Johnson Sirleaf)

Syracuse University
Syracuse, New York, United States

Overview of the Instructional Design Development and Evaluation Program

The School of Education hosts this program. It is a one year master of science program which helps students develop the competencies required to identify and evaluate learning and performance problems and to design, develop, implement, evaluate and manage appropriate instructional/non-instructional solutions to these problems. The courses offered through this program enable students through practical projects to develop competencies to design, create, implement, and evaluate non-technology and technology-supported instructional solutions for a variety of educational and professional settings.

This program requires 30 credits, including ten (10) required core courses. Full-time enrolled students can complete four (4) courses in the fall semester, four (4) courses in the spring semester, and two (2) online courses in the summer semester.

Required Courses:

The program culminates with a portfolio presentation of completed work to IDD&E faculty.